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Welcome to TOC E-design solutions. My name is Tania; I am a certified Interior Designer and builder with over 30 years experience. I am passionate about all that is design and I want to be able to share my wisdom and creativity with you by offering a scaled down service for the savvy DIY homeowner who are seeking professional design planning without a full-service budget. 


The luxury and convenience of an experienced Interior Designer at your finger tips.


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Our E-design packages are quoted in CAD (All fees are subject to applicable GST & PST). We service across Canada & USA

Convenient, affordable, online interior design services

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Benefit by adding real value to your home by investing in the advice of a professional designer for your home improvement projects.  An Interior Designer can help you maximize every square inch of your space, turn awkward and challenging obstacles into features, realize hidden potential and help you achieve high quality results. 

The key elements to a successful, professional quality re-design no matter how big or small, is creating a great Design Plan.  It’s essential for assessing your budget requirements and your scope of work; it streamlines the sourcing process, and is your most important communication tool for implementing your design.  Whether you need to get quotes from contractors, approvals from condo boards or apply for a home improvement loan, with a comprehensive design plan your project will be well received and evoke a sense of confidence in all those who you’ll need to bring on board. 



Please download the questionnaire, fill in all the blank spaces and send the file by email:

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Please download the how to measure your room guide, and send your drawings by email to

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Q; How long will it take to get my room E-design?

You will receive your E-Design Presentation Package via email approximately within (1-3) weeks from our receipt of all needed items (questionnaire, payment, room sizes, photos,). All digital boards will be emailed in a PDF downloadable and printable file.

Q; How can we re-design your property without seeing it or meeting you personally?

The advances of technology over the last decade have made things very possible for interior designers to work with clients over the internet.  Times are changing and so is the way interior design is performed.  To allow TOC E-design to accurately understand your budget, space, needs and the look you want to achieve, we will ask that you to complete a client questionnaire provide us a rough sketch of the room measurements and photos.  We welcome inspiration photos you’ve found online as well.  The more info you send, the better we get to know you and your style preferences.

Q; Can some of my existing furniture pieces be incorporated in the design plan?

Absolutely! Our earnest desire to incorporate your own purchases and special finds is a hallmark of the approach to providing personalized and affordable interior makeovers.

Q; If I have an open floor plan and two rooms are combined, which room do I select first?

In this case, we strongly suggest you purchase “ the 2 room design”.  Spaces which open into one another tend to feel like a single space, and it’s not possible to truly transform the look without taking into consideration everything your eye sees in its single view.

Q; Do you work within the budget given to spend on the plan you’ve designed?

Absolutely! We can work within just about any budget. That said, our ability to create a dramatic transformation will be determined by what you’ve set aside for the project.  Of course, if you want items from designer vendors only, expect to spend a little more, and alternatively, if you want items from retail vendors only, expect to spend a little less. No matter your budget, your plan may include items such as a new rug, piece(s) of upholstery, occasional tables, lighting, window treatments and wall decor.


Q; Will I be able to purchase the items directly?

Yes!  We encourage it, this way there are no mark-ups 

Q; Will you make changes to my plan if I don’t like something you’ve selected?

If we’ve missed the mark on an item or two, you may send us your thoughts and we will provide up to three re-selections at no charge per design plan.

Q; Once I have my plan, how am I able to ask follow-up questions?

After the receipt of your final E-Design Presentation Package and included re-selection (limit three items per plan), our obligations to one another for that phase of your project are fulfilled.  However, if you do have additional questions, we will be able to consult with you via email regarding your new design plan.

Q; What happens if I wait to purchase an item, and then it’s no longer available?

If something becomes discontinued you can always shop for a similar item but we recommend that before purchasing our service, you wait until you are financially and practically ready to implement a design change. The world of manufactured goods is a rapidly changing one, and there are no guarantees that the item specified today will be available six months from now.

Q; Can I purchase an “E-Design Room Package” as a gift?

Definitely!  Our E-design room packages are fabulous housewarming, newlywed gifts, and much more.

Q; Do you offer any other services besides the “E-Design Room Package”?

Yes!  We offer full design architectural drawings , construction and turnkey services. (only in the Montreal Area)

Q; What locations do you offer E-Design services to?

Our online E-Design services are offered throughout the US and Canada.  

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TERM & CONDITIONS for E-design Service:

online decorating consultation

  • E-Design is an online decorating consultation service only.  All recommendations are regarded as suggestions to improve the look of your space and not intended for construction purposes.

  • The Client agrees to provide full information regarding the Client’s requirements for the Project.

  • E-Design Client agrees to correspond strictly through online communication. Client also agrees to additional fees of $125/hour for local in-person visits if requested.

  • TOC E-design will not be responsible for the means, methods or procedures of construction, fabrication, delivery & installation, or safety precautions in connection with the E-Design project; for the acts or omissions of the contractor or any, subcontractor, supplier or other person performing the work on the E- Design project; or, for any failure of them to meet any schedules or completion dates.

  • TOC E-design cannot be held responsible for arranging repairs, replacement or freight claims for purchases made in conjunction with recommendations for the E-Design project..

  • TOC E-design cannot be held responsible for any dimensions indicated on plans or elevations.

  • Contractor and or millwork sub-trade is responsible for all measurements taken on site during or before construction.

  • Some electrical and rough plumbing may need to be re-located.

  • All trades to coordinate any error or omissions with client or project site manager.

  • A 75% deposit is required up front for kitchen and bathroom design packages, balance due before  completed design package. Payment upfront is require for all other services.

  • All fees are subject to applicable GST & PST.

  • Fees for E-design services are non-refundable.

  • Once your order has been placed and a lead time confirmed, please be available to proceed with the information gathering process as indicated on the E-Design Questionnaire “HELP US HELP YOU” check list, without prolonged delay.

  • Once the design process begins, reviews and questions from the designer should be responded to within a timely fashion (1 week or less) to prevent interruption of both the momentum and efficiency of the design process. Full completion of the E-design project should take 3 weeks.

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